Monday, November 5, 2012

30 paintings in 30 days, American Samoa, Day 7

Basket weaving isn't a lost art in the islands. This day artisans were selling their wares in front of the National Museum. Best place to currently find handcrafts and great local food is the public market in Pago Pago the first Friday of every month. 

Maria and Helen stopped by while I was painting today and asked a few questions.

"Are you painting on cardboard?" and "Did they dry already?"

     The paintings are on gesso board, which is made of Masonite and laminated with carbon fiber so they won't warp. They are quite thin and look a lot like cardboard. I chose them to paint on because the surface is smooth so the texture of canvas doesn't show when they are photographed. They are supposed to survive any climate and American Samoa will certainly test that. The paintings I've had hanging here (even in air-conditioning) have molded beyond salvation. Canvas doesn't stand up well in this climate.
     I paint with acrylics, which dry quickly and they allow me to finish in a day. In this humidity they dry a little slower. The paint sets in about 15 minutes and is completely dry overnight. Thanks Maria and Helen for stopping by!

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  1. i saw the paintings. they
    were awesome