Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 paintings in 30 days, American Samoa, Day 17

Scary Mother Hens
This didn't come out as warm and fuzzy as I hoped. They look seriously ready to peck your hand if you reach for an egg. It's hard to make a chicken cute.  

 Lolesio and Eseta asked;

“How can we encourage our son Christian to stay interested in art after they stop teaching it in school?
      Giving kids place to experiment (better known as making a mess) is important. A room or corner just for doing art work and projects keeps them interested. You can either buy art supplies or invent them. Use food color and an old sheet or chalk on a sidewalk. Make finger paint out of icing sugar and let kids paint on cookies, they love that. Put your favorite drawings up on the wall. Kids want praise and will repeat anything that gets attention. All kid’s art is great, at least they need to know you think so and there’s a good chance they will get better. Find outlets for what they create, friend’s refrigerators are a good place to start spreading drawings around. Help them enter contests. Frame some of the good pieces so they feel special about what they have done. Enroll them in any classes you can find or ask friends or relatives to spend time with your kids on a project. Even 10 minutes makes a difference. A fun project with kids is to fold a paper into thirds. One person draws a head and passes the paper on, the next draws the body without looking at the head and the next draws the feet and legs. When they are unfolded it’s usually good for a laugh.    

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  1. I love the chickens! You paint animals so well. Also, this family is so adorable. I love their question, too.