Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Paintings in 30 Days, American Samoa, Day 5

Flying Foxes are fruit eating bats with wing spans up to three feet, they screech like fighting cats and live in massive social colonies in the tree tops. They're protected in American Samoa so no longer hunted for food and their numbers have dramatically increased.

Anyone is welcome to stop by while I'm doing this painting demonstration. Second floor, M-F 9-2 and Sat 10-2. On Sundays I'll be painting at the Goat Island Cafe at Sadie's by the Sea. 

Today Justin who works at the Feleti Barstow Library asked;
       "How do you choose the photographs you paint from? 

Over the years I've taken thousands of photos in American Samoa. I looked for pictures that are colorful, graphic in composition and show something interesting about the islands. Some images are more memorable, but it's hard to know what will stand up over time. I use the pictures as screen savers and the ones that are still interesting after a few weeks are more likely to make good paintings. You don't know if something is boring until it actually bores you. After I narrowed it down to 100 pictures I asked friends for their opinion. Thanks Justin, it was fun talking with you.

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