Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 paintings in 30 days, American Samoa, Day 29

 Pago Pago Harbor sunset

Lily who works at the library asked;
“Are you going to paint a sunset?”
The painting is a composite from two photographs, one of mine taken in Pago Pago Harbor and the sailboat from Malcolm Gaylord. Overly emotional sunset paintings make my eyes roll, which might be why I didn’t think to include one until Lilly asked. Every so often the sky and water turn insanely pink, orange, yellow and purple and I’m not sure if it is exaggerated near the equator, but it seems so. It is moving and usually very brief. Here’s another photo Malcolm shot from the road in American Samoa. It’s nearly unbelievable even as a photo. 

And I'm done! Today made 30 days, but I'm behind a day on posting the last one. In a perfect world I would have been up to date, but I've had a few challenges during the last 30 days. The first week my insides experience something like dysentery, the second week I was attacked by a vicious pack of dogs and sat in the ER during the usual Saturday night rush. Old friend's are visiting from Hawaii and then one of Sea Shepherd's boats sailed into Pago Pago Harbor and I made a few new friends. Will get the last post done tomorrow. This month has been as wonderful as a hot pink sky.


  1. You are one highly functioning super-human artist. Holy wow. What a glorious portrait of an island; both the visual imagery & the connections you made with people who came by with questions. I'd love to see a final post of all 30 in a collage. I hope you get time now to bask in the tropics, and in the satisfaction of a project so well done.

  2. Hey Sis, Thank you so much. You have a gift with words, but honestly I don't know how I'd get through these crazy projects without being able to write to you. Good idea, I will make a composite picture. I started framing 100 prints for Sadie's on Monday so will take your advice and have fun this weekend. And, do you have any questions? I need to answer one more for the last painting of the Steve Irwin. Ask anything!