Saturday, June 27, 2015


      Somehow I lost touch with the typing feature on my computer. Creativity comes and goes like a cyclic tide or this year like the transit of Pluto, a slow crawl in the dark. It has been a year of loss, injury and too much work. My parents are gone and I miss them.
      Uncharted territory looms. Blank canvases, empty pages and new paths to choose. Freedom is daunting.
       The project I was involved in for the last few years, painting the image of Buddha with a friend, came to a close. Or it did for me. It might be true that money and art are incompatible. We did well painting together, and then more time was spent showing and selling than in the studio and creativity waned. We did some lovely paintings and I wish Arthur Deak and the Buddha Project well.
    It will be good to know what's next. For now anticipation is my best friend.