Wednesday, September 7, 2016

About The Buddha Project 100

     We began The Buddha Project 100 in 2012. Our collaboration came about gradually when Arthur Deak asked if I would show him painting techniques he particularly wanted to learn. We painted on the same canvas to more easily see what each other was doing. We finished and started another as we work well together. After a few more paintings were completed I suggested we do 100 since I was amazed by what we could accomplish together. Two pairs of critical eyes, our combined life experiences and varied skill sets give us the ability to see more critically. Quickly we moved to larger canvases and kept going. 

     Learning new techniques and experimenting with styles and mediums is part of the project. We begin with photographs that we take in quiet places such as museums, gardens and the natural world, and search our photo files looking for images to use as a starting point. Some we manipulate on the computer, others transform as we work on them. So far we have completed twenty seven pieces.