Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scattering Mom and Dad's Ashes at Sea

       We scattered our parent’s ashes on the ocean looking back at the Golden Gate Bridge. Fifty eight years before Roy and Joan Buchanan crossed the bridge when they drove to San Francisco from Canada on their honeymoon. A pair of pelicans followed us out the gate and dolphins rode the bow wave. My sister Mernie made beautiful floating wreaths and we laid Mom and Dad to rest at sea together as was their wish among flowers from their caregiver’s gardens. The photographs of the wreaths floating on the sea is out of focus, but it fits because they looked that way with eyes full of tears as Scottish bag pipes played Amazing Grace. The wreaths stayed side by side until they disappeared from sight, in death as in life.
My brother Blair quoted Goethe,

"What your parents have bequeathed upon you, earn it anew and make it truly yours."

I am overwhelmed by gratitude for our time together.
Good-bye Mom and Dad, we sure love you!

drifting away together

Flowers from Ruth, who loved and cared for them