Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gratitful for the Gift of Ideas

     Ideas come to mind, which is an apt description. They arrive from an energetic atmosphere in a flash of inspiration. Ego readily takes credit, but that might be a mistake. Credit is important from a marketing stand point in this run-out-of-money-doomed-to starve world, but there are reasons not to focus too much on outcome. Soliciting compliments is a red flag that ego crept in the back door. A healthy ego is self-protective when necessary, but can let go of slights that are not truly threatening. Becoming a name brand might happen naturally, but can be a self-limiting as a goal. Ideas are always available, but time to act on them is not.           

     Almost anything can be used as an excuse to set the brushes down and life offers continual distractions, some fun, some horrible. While some paintings are ethereal joy to create others are as fun as leg cramps. Some take too long, the paint doesn’t flow and motivation stagnates. Being stubborn and dogged helps. Cantankerous brush throwing fits are best kept secret and lapses in confidence are like constipation. Nobody really wants those details.

     Living alone or together require the same expenditure of emotional fortitude and problem solving, although in different ways. Being coupled is an opportunity to master compromise. Living alone is a chance to develop confidence through independence. Artistic work originates in spite of life’s challenges, rarely because of them in my experience. Channels of inspiration are easily blocked by bitterness and resentment, with endless opportunity to focus on drama. Sadly those voices can be louder than the whisper of creativity, but our job is to tune out disagreeable thoughts and listen more carefully.  

     I stepped away from a collaborative art project for awhile because the unfathomable labyrinth of marketing and sales took so much of my time. My painting and business partner enjoyed that part of the project, but I did not. I longed to paint while staring at a computer screen. Business is best left to people who are good at it. Fortunately we preserved our friendship and The Buddha Project 100 is ongoing. More paintings will follow and I believe they will have a life regardless of my lack of business acumen. Ideas show up more readily when there is time for them. Acknowledgement and financial reward are extraordinary results when they happen, although I find that peace of mind and equanimity are more often experienced when they are the first priority.    

2016 Amity 
48 x 68"
acrylic on canvas