Sunday, May 11, 2014

SKY Show and California Hiking Adventures

Best pictures from the green hills this spring.

The SKY Show at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek will be closing May 25, 2014. It is one of the best local shows I’ve seen and not just because I have a painting in it. The curator, Carrie Lederer, has a great eye for fun, innovative new artwork.
My friends Karen and Laney came to the show on Saturday and were impressed with the range of work. If you have a chance to go see it I’m sure you will enjoy it.  

opening day

 Jamie Brezinski, Suzy Locke, me

spying is hard with a giant name tag

 Robert Bissell, check out his fun work-

Karen and Laney

Karen and Laney again, really. In The Cloud Room by Laura VanDuren

and again.

Hopi Breton, Float

Laney (great smile btw!)

Mernie and Blair (sis and brother)

Arthur Deak ( business partner)

Karen Clark, Barrier

Catherine Eaton Skinner, Mka Dong Sa lV

three interpretations of sky

Troy Litten, 240 Window Seats

On Mother's Day (and I forgot to wish her a good one being she's a Mom) Karen and I went for a hike at Black Diamond Mine Regional Park where the old Rose Hill Cemetery is located. The mine is open for tours and it’s a great place to cool off during the heat of summer when the trails are blazing hot. A few weeks without rain and the grass had already turned golden. Spring came and went so quickly! A few weeks ago I was hiking on Mount Diablo and nearly stepped on this bad boy while looking up at the vultures circling Castle Rock.  

I gave Karen my talk about watching for snakes, then walked right by a large alligator lizard without seeing it either. Understandably she took the lead after that. 

inside Atlas Mine, where silica sand was mined to manufacture glass

Karen in the sporty hardhat required to go in the mine

heartbreaking headstone for three lost children

   recently turned golden hills, welcome to summer in California!