Monday, November 19, 2012

30 paintings in 30 days, American Samoa, Day 21

Between rain squalls, when the sun lights up the recently washed houses and yards, everything just glows. Graves are often seen in front of the houses in American Samoa. 

Pacific Horizons School showed up with a 19 students (a few were hiding just for fun) and they were all curious about painting. They asked;
How do you figure out the colors?
How do you make it look good?
Is it hard? And,
Are you going to paint us?

      I showed the kids the palette and how to match colors to the photo. How to mix a few colors and gave a brief answer about how to make it look good. Kids do not want to hear that it took fifty three years of diligent effort and I left out how many times I’ve been told to get a job while crossing my fingers that another commission would come through. The sincere Mom’s in the back of the room didn’t need to rethink their current efforts to encourage budding young artists on my account. Is it hard? Not so much anymore. The first painting I did after college I worked on for a year, but I’ve seen more improvement from pushing myself to finish one in a day. What keeps painting from being boring is that there is always room to improve and more to learn.


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