Thursday, October 6, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 4, Lilikoi Butter

     Lilikoi Butter

   Lilikoi butter is canned in small jars and handed out to friends. The dear Aunties of Molokai make it from a variety of passion fruit locally called lilikoi and nothing like it is found in stores. If it came in bigger jars I would drink it. The crackers are saloon pilots, made in Hawaii, but the package also claims "Original Hawaiian". I'm not totally up on the history of crackers, but I think these are quite similar to the hardtack the ancient mariner gnawed on. It's a sturdy, long lived cracker. I found a 5 gallon pail of them recently that had been stored for 10, maybe 20 years and they were just fine. So, the most exquisite, rare jam in the world on a nearly extinct cracker with a papaya, great breakfast.


  1. Love this one. Wish I could join you for some lilikoi butter.

  2. Barbara, I'll save some for you, wish I could join you for empanadas in La Paz! And thanks Mernie :)