Saturday, October 15, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 13, Horse Lei

     Horse Lei

       Today my friends rode in the Aloha Week Parade in Kaunakakai, Molokai. I would like to paint portraits of all of them, but to finish the painting in a day I had to choose one small detail. Making leis for horses is a skill few people possess. Auntie Tika tied kukui and ti onto rolled burlap sacks with string, rolling the leaves as she went. The mountain of greenery gathered for the leis had to be moved in a horse trailer.
     The animals know they are dressed up and act like the parade is all for them. They paw their feet, bow their heads and mug for the camera. Nothing like a beautiful family riding unabashed horses to make the parade special.

Kulia Keli'iku-Peters, 2011 Pa'u Queen and her family.

Horse leis are carefully made with non-toxic plants since some horses try to eat them. 



  1. I was lucky enough to be on Molokai during this parade. I really loved the horses, it was beautiful!

  2. Most of those horses would have much rather run in a rodeo than walked in a parade, probably why they look so fit.