Friday, October 28, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 26, Soap

     Homage to Soap
     Soap has got to be mankind’s finest social invention. Life in the tropics would not be the same without it. Living on Molokai would be impossible. In a matter of weeks everyone on the island would be the exact same color as red dirt. I washed the dogs today, the water swirling down the drain was oxide red and they live indoors. Some would argue that coat hangers are up there with soap, or we would all be buried in garments, but soap makes social interaction so much more pleasant. On my list of things to appreciate I’m surprised it didn’t come up sooner. The puppy that runs around out of control in this house chews on volcanic rocks, but won’t eat milk bones and he bit into a bar of soap when I dropped it. I couldn’t stop him fast enough, but I’ll smile every time his surprised little face comes to mind. Gotta love soap.

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