Thursday, October 27, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 24, Molokai Rainbows

      Molokai Rainbows

      The first time I saw these colorful birds I swerved the car. They are for real, with a little help from their owners and some harmless food dye. They stick together and come back where they are regularly fed so it's not a stretch to release them at events and expect them to return home. The birds don't seem to notice that they're more colorful than Gummi bears. When released they circle a few times to orient themselves in the direction of the roost before heading off to inspire first time witnesses to swerve. 
     The flock numbers around one hundred and fifty, certainly more than the scope of this painting, but the entire spectrum of birds against Molokai's cobalt blue sky is nearly enough to cure manic depression. 
       Fly the Rainbows
"For any reason or no reason" 

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