Monday, October 24, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 22, Magenta Flowers

     Magenta Flowers
      Inspired by Barbara Jackson's pomegranate painting, I agree with you that there probably isn't any more merit in painting faster, but it is an exercise in loosening up. Also, when I slow down and concentrate after rushing through a few they come out better somehow. There is always more to learn with painting, which is probably why it never gets boring.
     These small flowers wilt shortly after they're picked so I sat outside in the wind next to the plant and developed all new respect for plein air painters. Dirt blew into the paint and the brisk wind kept the subject in motion. Flies and mosquitoes annoyed the crap out of me, then some weird winged thing drowned in the white paint. I had planned to paint landscapes as part of this project, but I may end up painting inside a tent to avoid watching bugs die horribly in the paint. After reading Barbara's blog I intended to paint faster today to see what would happen, but the true motivation to race through the painting came from wind and bugs.    

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  1. Very nice Catherine! Love the way the background flowers are blurred into abstract shapes. I know about bugs also, as I always paint outside under the palapa. But, here the problem is the pesky flies that sit on your back and shoulders trying to get a free painting lesson. have helped not only to inspire me but also to motivate me.