Thursday, October 27, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Day 25, Alternative Pumpkins

     Alternative Pumpkins
     Finding produce on Molokai isn't always a matter of going to the store, it gets better. Coconuts are available on the side of the road. The Saturday Market features fruit and vegetables grown in back yards and a trip to Kumu Farms near the airport yields fresh picked greens and more. The farm is surprising. Variegated rows of leafy plants in every shade of green against the red volcanic soil vanish toward the horizon. Papayas hang from trees by the thousands. Vegetables are laid out on tables, stacked in baskets or in the case of giant pumpkins, heaped on a pallet. Three odd pumpkins sat on a picnic table, glowing in the soft filtered light of a large banyan tree looking more like sculpture than food. I went to get one thing and left with a sack full. People clutched bags of lettuce like addicts. Manu showed me around, extending an invitation to paint, photograph the farm or just wander around. I could easily sit and stare at vegetables all day, but then I might have to explain myself.  Happy pre-Halloween.  
Kumu Farms
Emanuela Vinciquerra, Sales and Marketing Director 
P.O. Box 223
Kualapu'u, Hawaii 96757

   The best web site with the most up to date information about visiting Molokai is: and check out "Visit Molokai" on Facebook to see Jeff Jumper's latest photos or participate in a contest to win cool stuff.  (thanks Jeff!)


  1. Lovely. I just visited Molokai for the first time this month. Such a wonderful island! I'm trying to share one photograph a day through my blog. Fun fun. :)

  2. Thanks, there's some amazing things here. Did you get to the rainforest? What's your blog address?

  3. No, I did not get to the rainforest! I guess I need to come again. :) My main focus was to see Kalaupapa which was quite an experience. Also spent a day meandering to the east end and then another day going to the west end.