Wednesday, December 7, 2011

90 paintings on Molokai, Christmas Ornaments, #65

     Thanks for the ornament idea Noel and for the cool glass Christmas tree you made, it's great, I really like it. 
     Also thanks to Mernie for requesting Papohaku Beach and to Val Bloy for suggesting;
1. the early morning fishermen at the end of the wharf. 2. The cars and trucks lined up on the wharf road waiting for the Young Brothers barge to be off loaded on "barge day."
     Both are good ideas and I started a painting of the cars on the wharf, but after many hours I finally noticed I put the cars on the wrong side of the road, it could be a scene in New Zealand, but definitely not America. I gave up and will try to fix it later. The fishermen get up pretty darned early so if anyone taking pictures at the crack of dawn would like to send me a photo, that would be great.
Merry Christmas!!

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