Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#78 of 90, Hawaiian Monk Seals

On the seventh day of Christmas Molokai gave me;
Seven seals a sleeping,
Six fantails roosting,
Five rubbish trips,
Four ponds of fish,
Three Post-a-Nuts,
Two fighting roosters,
   And one hot bread in a shabby alley. 

     Monk seals are solitary creatures, they don't often hang around in groups like seals who prefer more of a colony lifestyle, but hey, it's just a silly Christmas song. Molokai is one of the few places where Monk seals find uninhabited beaches in Hawaii. They come ashore for a rest and have their pups. There are fewer than 1200 seals left in Hawaii. Efforts to protect places where they frequent have been successful so they will continue to visit Molokai for awhile longer. In the town of Kalaupapa a notice is posted when a seal with a pup is spotted on the beach so everyone will know not to disturb them.  
     There are a lot of people who love and protect the seals, but there is another side too. Fishermen see them as large pests and I've heard it argued that they are not endangered since more have been showing up here and yes, the seals do take fish out of nets. Two seals have been found dead this month under suspicious circumstances so some have saved their environment and others believe they are pests to be done away with.     

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