Thursday, December 22, 2011

#81 of 90, Kahiko Hula

On the tenth day of Christmas Molokai gave me;
Ten hula dancers,
Nine mules a waiting,
Eight home made signs,
Seven seals a sleeping,
Six fantails roosting,
Five rubbish trips,
Four ponds of fish,
Three Post-a-Nuts,
Two fighting roosters,
And one hot bread in a shabby alley. 

Molokai is the birth place of the hula. Every year this tradition is celebrated at Ka Hula Pico. Information is posted on the site

1 comment:

  1. This one is a favorite! I often find it comes to mind through my day, during whatever mundane task I am preforming.
    (Other favorites: Green coconuts, To Go Box, Puffer Fish, Samoan Coconut Tree, Wild Pig, Papohaku Beach, Molokai Landfill, Bully)