Sunday, December 11, 2011

90 paintings in 90 days, Phallic Rock, #69

      Molokai's most famous rock. People leave offerings with their wishes and prayers at this ancient revered site. A quick search revealed thousands of photos, many of them hilarious because this is one large rock, but of all the amazing places on Molokai phallic rock has not been a popular subject for painters. Or I've never seen any paintings of this descriptive monolith before, but then maybe they just aren't exposed in public.
     Whether you seek mirth, desire or fertility, wishes have been granted (so I'm told) by a visit to the top of the mountain where this surprising natural wonder resides. The hike winds through a lovely forest over a soft carpet of ironwood needles. I can sometimes guess which paintings people will want, but the jury is way out on this one. I guarantee it is a true likeness of a real place if that helps.


  1. I love it, perfect for the day. You make my day !!

  2. Likewise, thanks for all the subject matter! Horses and dogs and cows... oh my!!