Friday, December 23, 2011

#82 of 90, Horse Race

On the eleventh day of Christmas Molokai gave me;
Eleven cowgirls racing,
Ten hula dancers,
Nine mules a waiting,
Eight home made signs,
Seven seals a sleeping,
Six fantails roosting,
Five rubbish trips,
Four ponds of fish,
Three Post-a-Nuts,
Two fighting roosters,
And one hot bread in a shabby alley. 

Yes, there are 11 cowgirls in this painting, but you will probably have to zoom in. The rider in the foreground is Noel Tancayo, the State barrel racing champion and of course she is winning in the painting. I admire her fearless ability to get on a 1200 lb animal and charge around. Her family offered to let me ride a horse, but I'm only willing to get on a plastic one, the kind with metal springs attached that rocks back and forth. Yeehaw.

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