Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#86 of 90, River Rocks

     There are only a few rivers on Molokai with enough steady flow and distance to grind rock into smooth ovals. Prized by ancient Hawaiians the stones were passed hand to hand over a mountain range to build heiau (large stone platforms). The idea makes sense, sharp lava rock is hard to walk on and not at all fun to sit on, but what a workout. It probably wasn't an option to quit and it's not a myth, the structures still exist from stones passed for many miles over treacherous narrow tracks along vertical cliffs. No wonder petroglyphs show guys with skinny waists and huge shoulders. Paddling canoes, passing rocks and practicing hula was certainly a recipe for staying in top form.  

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  1. Catherine! These are amazing! I'm wondering if you have time to sleep while you're doing all this. Are you back in Hawaii or??
    Scott McPhee