Sunday, February 26, 2012

Molokai Humpback Whales

     A number of whale species visit Hawaii, but Humpbacks steal the show. They’re big, animated and everywhere. Whale excursions rarely come up empty handed when the Humpbacks are in town. Whale boats have to keep a respectful distance but whales don’t. They sneak up and hose the customers down with spray for a little toot. Baby whales being new and curious splash over for a closer look, although there is a good chance Mom will herd them away. We boarded Molokai Fish and Dive’s boat the Coral Queen at sunrise. I was going to keep track of the sightings, but there were just too many. It is so exciting to be close to them that counting is soon forgotten. In the harbor entrance the captain had to put the prop in neutral several times to let manta ray traffic cruise by. My sister had never been up close to whales before so watching her expressions was fun. A big blue sea full of frolicking leviathans changes perspective. Don’t sweat the small stuff, smile until your face hurts and laugh like a whale just played a practical joke on a boat full of humans.  

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  1. That was the day of a trip and the trip of a lifetime and, by gosh, there I am on the bow. I'm thrilled you got the head of the big guy who snuck up to give us a raspberry. My camera was waving at the sky when that happened I was so giddy with joy. That you could laugh and focus at the same time is amazing. Great shots sis!