Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mud Girls of Molokai

It's been raining, finally and cold enough to hunt around for socks. Between downpours the sun came out briefly making the pavement steam. I took my friend's kids to the beach, or to be more exact, the mud flats.
 I make mistakes. When kids ask, "Is it okay if I get my clothes dirty? I totally get why parents scream "NOT ON YOUR LIFE". Make no mistake,"Yeah why not?" IS permission to go wild. Especially when you have intentionally gone to a beach known for foot deep warm squishy mud.        I wasn't really paying attention to be honest or I would have known that a little mud fight would rapidly turn into full on wallowing . 

Mamo, the dog of unknown origin with the big personality, loved sprinting in the mud. When he stopped he stuck his tongue out, which is exactly what I did the first time I sank above my ankles

It felt like walking in a big old bowl of adhesive pudding. Unlike the kids and the dog I didn't feel the urge to lie down in it even though it looked like a spa treatment. I am a little hesitant to show the pictures to the parents. I hope they laugh.


  1. Looks like so much fun! You gotta get dirty every once in awhile, right?!

  2. These shots are awesome!! What a great friend you are to those kids, to the parents, not so much when the kids returned home, but it's just mud it'll wash off. Looks like these were taken in front of the MCHC?? My hubby is there working for a few more days, probably witnessed all the fun.