Saturday, February 4, 2012

90 paintings in 90 days price list

    Thanks to all who have read and commented, a few words really matter. Producing artwork is a very solitary experience, I paint alone and work long hours since that's just how it works best for me. I suppose I hoped blogging would provide some social interaction, but it seems it doesn't really work that way. Reading the stats page to find out if anyone looks at this is like hoping for my check book register to start talking to me and for all I know, as accurate as my records.
     I have been putting this on my list for weeks now and just not doing it. Not inspired, not willing to fake it. Maybe taking a break will help me find a new direction. My sister is coming to visit so I'll be having fun for the next three weeks.
     February 16, 17 & 18 all the original paintings from the 90 day marathon will be up together in the courtyard behind Imports Gift Shop, in Kaunakakai, Molokai. This will be the only time they are ever shown together since the ones that have sold will be going to new homes after the show. Thanks for looking, I'll post some pictures of the show. My friend offered to let me borrow Bully the cow so people could see him with his portrait, but he eats Christmas lights and licks people. Well, maybe that would be a good thing. Hope to see you there.
All the best, Catherine

The following is the list of  90 paintings, * means no longer available;
The originals are 10x13" on unstretched canvas for $500 each
11 x14" prints on canvas are $95
8 x 10" prints on paper are $25
please write to me at if you are unable to post questions on this blog or to arrange to purchase a painting or print. Look forward to hearing from you.
1.     Green Coconuts
2.     Coffee & Sea Turtles
3.     Plumeria
4.     Lilikoi Butter
5.*      Slippahs
6.*      Saturday Market
7.      Lilikoi
8.      Molokai Ho’e
9.      Java Sparrows
10.    Flame Tree
11.    Spam Musubi
12.    Monica
13.    Horse Lei
14.    Hanging Pots
15.    Croton Leaves
16.    Kukui & Ribbon Leis
17.    Fresco Shell
18.    Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
19.    Molokai Dirt Road
20.    Papohaku Puka Shell Necklace
21.    Drink Umbrella
22.    Magenta Flowers
23.    Polynesian Voyaging Canoes
24.    Molokai Rainbows
25.    Pumpkins
26.    Homage to Soap
27.    Monk Seal
28.    Camping at Kaupoa
29.    New Moon
30.    Ho’okupu
31.*    Mamo
32.    Bird of Paradise
33.    Lost & Found Chick
34.    Sandwich
35.    Pig Farm
36.*    Sweet Yellow Coconuts
37.*    Lauhala Hat
38.*    Blowfish
39.    Paper Boat
40.    Lehua
41.    Ube Ice Cream
42.*    Lani
43.    Ohelo Flowers
44.    Sinaloa Church
45.    Humpback Whales
46.    Monstera
47.    Laundry
48.    Gecko
49.*    Puni
50.    Ti Leaves
51.    Field Workers
52.    Wild Turkeys
53.    Thanksgiving Dinner
54.    Molokai Cowboy
55.    Lime and Coconut
56.    Molokai Farms
57.    Goose Portrait
58.    Avocado Seed
59.    Cat Nap
60.    Plumeria Tree
61.    Take Away Box
62.    Primary Horses
63.    Baby Turtles
64.    Papohaku Beach
65.    Christmas Ornaments
66.*    Bully
67.    Hawaiian Style Lunch
68.    Barrel Cactus
69.    Phallic Rock
70.    Kiddie Boat
71.    Community Message Board
72.    Molokai Hot Bread
73.    Fighting Roosters
74.    Post-a-Nuts
75.    Molokai Fish Ponds
76.    Landfill
77.    Molokai Rainbow Fantails
78.    Monk Seals
79.    Hand Painted Signs
80.    Molokai Mules
81.    Ka Hula Pico
82.*    Noel
83.    Molokai Ho’e
84.*    Gypsy
85.    Ginger Flowers
86.    River Rocks
87.    Taro Cultivation Wailau Valley
88.*    Tiger
89.    Yellow Plumeria Flowers
90.*    Sugar

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