Monday, January 23, 2012

Paintings at Ho'olehua Airport, Molokai

     This time last year I finished six paintings of indigenous Hawaiian animals. The paintings are currently on display. The following are a few progress shots of the paintings as I worked on them and photos of them hanging in the airport on Molokai. Prints on canvas are available. Please write to me at if you are interested.
    I’m not sure why it’s difficult to leave comments on this blog, several people have written to say it doesn’t work. I'd like to fix it, but I can't solve computer problems any more than I can do this,
 even though both would be convenient. If anyone can help with this (the blog comment problem, not sticking my tongue up my nose) please let me know.

        Animal Paintings at the Ho'oleahua Airport on Molokai
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Green Sea Turtles
Bottlenose Dolphins
Hawaiian Stilts
Hawaiian Owl
                           Thanks for looking. Keep smiling!


  1. I just tried. Even with a long tongue and a big nose, I can't get it up there, either. But I did finally figure out the comment issue. Upgrade to the latest Acrobat. Create a google account. Sign in using that google acct info and hit preview instead of publish.

  2. Thank you Mernie! I am sorry it is so complicated, it would be more fun if this could be more interactive. Blogging (jeez who made up that word?) feels like hanging laundry out that maybe the neighbors would rather not see.

  3. I love your work! It is beautiful!

  4. I don't seem to have problems leaving s comments here! It might be that those who are trying are new to this?

  5. Thanks Paula, Mostly Mac users can't seem to get through. I'm new to all this or I might be able to send instructions. What program do you use to build web sites? Yours are great!

  6. HI Catherine,
    Have you thought printing all 90 on a collage poster and making that available to buy? I am looking everything over and will make an order within a few days. What are the shipping charges to California? I am thinking of buying 4 of the paper prints. Someday I would love to get an original of yours!

  7. $5 for postage for 4 prints, glad you like them, you made my day.