Friday, January 20, 2012

Molokai rodeo

      My apologies for leaving this blank for so long. Where I’m staying the internet connection is slower than media rate mail so I threw my hands up and did other things, like read books made out of paper and watch Humpback whales roll around like goofy big bathtub toys in the stretch of ocean within view. Then the modern equivalent of the dog ate my homework; viruses ate my computer, which was annoying and expensive, but miraculously no data was lost. I’m slowly working up to working on the next project, a series of animal portraits in oils.   
    The following photos were taken at the most recent Molokai rodeo, just a great way to spend the day and I admire the courage these kids have. I have no desire to ride a horse or plant my face in the dirt, convincing myself that taking pictures is challenging enough. There’s a dress code inside the ring so I borrowed a cowboy hat, but had to ask which side was the front, then I worked up enough courage to stand behind a horse and brush its tail.


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