Saturday, November 26, 2011

90 paintings, Molokai Cowboy, # 54

      I took nearly five hundred pictures at the Junior Ropers rodeo today, but this wasn't one of them. I saw the kid's practicing a few days before and some of them weren't wearing shoes, although they all managed to find their boots for the competition. I admire the bravery required to get on a horse and charge around barrels. There's a lot more skill involved than just staying on including controlling large, strong animals that may or may not be having a bad day. Horses have tantrums, occasionally panic and just won't do won't do what you would like them too sometimes, pretty much like people.    

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  1. Hi Catherine,
    Love this project...envy your ability to catch the moment with a camera and on canvas. I used to live on Molokai and even have a couple of your pieces in my home here in Nebraska. A few days ago you asked for suggestions of Molokai Life.
    I have two for you---love to see your perspective on them.
    1. the earlier morning fishermen at the end of the wharf.
    2. The cars and trucks lined up on the wharf road waiting for the Young Brothers barge to be off loaded on "barge day."
    Two activities that are such a part of life on Molokai.
    Anyhow, look forward to seeing the rest of your wonderful project....
    mahalo, val bloy :)