Monday, November 7, 2011

90 in 90 on Molokai, Day 36, Sweet Yellow Coconuts

     Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove is over one thousand trees strong. Planted by King Kamehameha, one for each of his warriors, there are enough coconuts in the grove to knock an army out. Walking around under the trees is a lesson in luck and it's actually not allowed, but that's what long lenses are for. The sun setting behind the grove is one of the finest sights on Molokai.

     If you want to embellish your own the Post Office in Ho'olehua provides coconuts and pens to create a masterpiece that you can mail anywhere or you can buy a hand painted coconut suitable for mailing at Kumu Farms from Heather Williams, another wonderful local artist. Clearly I woke up with coconuts on the brain.

     And Barb hand-paints coconuts in ways never thought of before. I almost did a painting of one of her painted coconuts, but her creations are so much more fun in real life. Probably the point of sculpture, it's just not the same flat. Pick up one of her wild coconut characters at the Saturday Market in Kaunakakai, seriously they will make you smile.

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