Sunday, November 6, 2011

90 in 90 on Molokai, Day 34, Pork Bau Bun Sandwich

     Today at the Food Expo in Kualapu'u I found a new home for the baby chicken. Not as a sandwich of course, but with a family whose kids will happily raise the lost chick. After staying up all night comforting the peeping baby I couldn't bring myself to paint a chicken dish, even though all the food was amazing. Quitting my potential career as chicken whisperer we left the expo and stopped by a pig farm to photograph baby pigs, so it's been a circle of life day. My friend who took me to the farm introduced me saying "Hey cousin, your pigs are gonna be on Facebook." I'm glad he laughed, I don't always know how to explain what I do.

9th Annual Molokai Chamber of Commerce Business and Food Expo
Sandwich Tribute:
Chef Chris Schobel–Hula Grill, Kaanapali, Maui
 Pork in a steamed bau bun with pickled veg, fresh cilantro and a smear of Hoisin, garnished with hot sauce.

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