Thursday, November 17, 2011

90 in 90, Humback Whales, Molokai, Day 45

     This is the completely impossible whale moment, although you can easily spot this many in a day, it would be beyond lucky to see them all at once. I asked my friend Susan Forsberg if I could use one of her whale pictures to paint from and couldn't decide which, so included all of them.
      Susan and her husband run whale watching tours daily during the winter when the whales visit Hawaii. They know whales and the trip is completely amazing. Lots more info can be found on their web site. I went on the tour earlier this year and was just too excited when the whales swam up to the boat to take a half way decent photo. Thanks Susan, I have no idea how you got these shots! Did you train them to jump for you?

Photos by Susan Forsberg

Molokai Fish & Dive


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  1. In Baja, Grey whales begin to arrive around December and stay for at least four months of mating and birthing the calves conceived the previous year. At San Ignacio Lagoon you can often see as many whales as this, and more, in one field of vision. Whales as far as the eye can see, more than can be counted. They spout, show their tails, breach and cavort, and some females bring their young to the small whale watching boats run by local families. Amazing to consider that some of these mammals were alive when whaling was still practiced (they can live up to 200 yrs) yet today are peaceful enough to approach human boats. I'd like to show you a picture of me touching a whale, and discuss a commission. Better yet, let's get you there in person to see and touch for yourself! I know a locally operated tour company who has many clients who would LOVE your work. Perhaps you would be open to collaborating on a conservation project? I can put you in touch.