Sunday, June 2, 2013

Phil Glashoff's Sculpture Ranch Party

      Phillip Glashoff hosted several thousand art lovers over the weekend at his California ranch, although if I were the event photographer my efforts to capture it would be unpardonable. Phillip along with his son, daughter and a select group of artists displayed their work at the Glashoff Sculpture Ranch invitational VIP party, a special event for enthusiastic art lovers. While editing my photos it became painfully clear that I missed the point. There isn't one shot of the smoking BBQ's with lines of people snaking through the sculptures or the live music with people dancing or the clusters of fabulous art booths (my sister's included!). I didn't even take pictures of friends who I was thrilled to see. Instead I took several hundred pictures of cows and a zebra. I must have waited for people to get out of the way so it would look like I was the sole survivor on the planet. Lost in a few backgrounds are an occasional fuzzy art patron or people that happened to be near a cow, but in no way did I capture the Glashoff's following or their all day line at the sales table or the light-hearted fun. Scottish Highland cows and bulls complimented the monumental sculpture. 
For more information check the web site at;     

this cow means business
lonely road of sculptures with the party raging in the background
the elements of composition
slightly less permanent sculpture
artist's orchard
the zebra is super animated compared to the cows
it's also kind of a jerk and not very bright to be chasing a baby around in front of a mother with horns

inner city cow
apparently chain saw bears don't thrive in captivity
wind vane
cows appreciating art for its full shade producing value
baby Scottish Highland cow under Mom's tail
cow, cross bred with a teddy bear
the zebra with braying best friend
sporting the finest horns in any field
this could be a California art text book cover
Phil's palette
some of the few people I managed to capture
donkey photo bombing the zebra
close up of a person

 hoards of people are having fun around here, honest!

and here

the cows are pets, the sculpture is for sale

 The event continued on Sunday. Since Mernie was returning to sell her paintings I asked her to take pictures with the people I somehow managed to avoid. I swear, introverts should not be trusted to photograph parties. Thanks for inviting me and for the following photos:    

My sister's work (BTW congratulations for doing so well!)

                     Phil Glashoff            Mernie Buchanan

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