Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spam Alert

     One of the many reasons for writing a blog, besides making an art sale or being contacted by a major publication to pay me to write for them (hello, dream on) is to enjoy reading and responding to comments. Interaction even for reclusive people is fairly important. Blogging is a little like moving to a new city where everyone is a stranger, it takes time before anyone gets to know you so thank you to anyone who does read this. Unfortunately spam comments fill my mailbox daily. I had to change the comments filter so only people who follow my blog can post on it, limiting the odds of interaction from the whole world to a group who could fit in two minivans. Turns out "Anonymous" comments contained links to other sites like "adorable golden retrievers" or "puppy love". When followed some very skanky stuff popped up. Great. Spam, porn and DECEIT! Duh Catherine. Like there is such a thing as ethical spam. That's like hoping that if you do step in shit that maybe it won't smell. So my apologies to anyone who even thought to leave a comment because I do love to get them and now it's only possible if you sign up.
    There is so much beauty in the world. This is an unretouched photo of a giant bubble that my friend's little girl made. It's floating through Kapuaiwa Park on Molokai, a grove of 1,000 palm trees creating a magical rainbow landscape. In my perfect bubble world there is no need for spam and people leave kind and engaging comments. Hey, no pressure. 


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