Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monument Valley now in California- A mural by Mernie Buchanan

     My sister painted a mural in a private home in California and the owner recently threw a party to show off the results. I’d seen progress shots and knew her back was hurting from climbing up and down the scaffolding. But I forgot about the difficulties of doing a large scale work in a small space when I saw her beautiful mural. No wonder the guy threw a party, it should be on a public tour. I enjoyed watching the guests react. Rounding a corner in the large, rambling home smack into Monument Valley was unexpected and her painting inspired big arm gestures and loud exclamations. The mural turned an odd shaped home office with a cathedral ceiling into a natural wonder. It must be experienced though, as it was nearly impossible to photograph. Way to go Mernie, it’s your best yet! More of my sister’s work can be seen at

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