Monday, August 15, 2011

Byte me

     The owner of Sadie’s Hotels in Pago Pago asked if I could put a calendar together of my paintings with advertising on the back to promote tourism, the hotels and my artwork. What a great idea, I thought, but I am short Illustrator skills and long on delusions about how many minutes are in a day. Although parts of my brain would have to cease functioning before I’d bore anyone with computer glitch details, I’m glad to say it’s at the printers and I'll post pictures soon. 
     How is it computers have taken over so much time? I think it was faster back in the day to drive to the copy shop and paste things up with glue and scissors. Even painting seems so old fashioned, but I’ll stick with that dinosaur skill until computers automatically reproduce what is in my mind, with paint. Or maybe I don’t want to know what would come out of my brain. After a week of crashes and insufficient memory space messages a laptop going up in flames on reentry through the atmosphere might come out and then I would have to burn that. I’d post a picture, but there is insufficient memory and I’m not sure at this point if it’s mine or the computer's.              

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