Monday, July 4, 2011

Gun bling

     Apparently you can wear a gun in plain sight in California as long as it is not loaded. But what for exactly? Wearing an unloaded gun must be the guy equivalent of breast implants. Although just to say, it won’t have the same effect on women that hooters have on men. I used to sail with a British couple who had the privilege of flying the blue flag on their yacht. Royalty flies a white flag, Piers of the Realm the blue and commoners, a red version. They didn’t want to appear pretentious so they flew a red flag posing as commoners...only there was more. When British company arrived on the boat the blue flag mysteriously appeared on the table and excuses were mumbled about not flying it. This is the British equivalent of having an unloaded gun that is hidden most of the time. I didn’t grow up with the British capacity for understatement so the flag thing struck me as slightly silly. But why wear a hunk of metal that is less effective than a coffee cup for self-defense? I like guns, but as jewelry they’re no different than wax food in restaurant windows. Beyond looking good (and that’s a matter of opinion) it’s still a sham.
     Some people will assume your gun is loaded and that’s a whole new can of worm chow. Keeping guns and ammo separate during transport makes sense, but how many guns actually need to be taken from one place to another shoved in the front of a pair of pants? If form follows fashion, before long one gun is not going to be enough. Although, wearing multiple weapons would enable another fashion statement that just won’t die; your pants will fall down even lower. Welcome to LA.  

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  1. Catherine - You have a way with words that also convey a picture in my head. You go woman! Love reading your blog!