Sunday, May 29, 2011

Never say never

     Sunset magazine published an article in this month’s issue about Benicia and as a result this weekend has been exceptionally busy. People from all over the Bay Area have come to check out this no longer well-kept secret. Benicia is unique, the downtown is surrounded by water on three sides and there is history to discover in the old buildings. My sister’s gallery is in the heart of downtown next to the community garden, across from the Union Hotel. The foot traffic jumped from a few lost bikers before the article to a stream of people who are actually interested in art. And the quality of the questions people asked took a dramatic leap toward intelligence.  From “Hey, I drank too much beer to ride home can I use your bathroom?” to “What medium did you use to create this effect?” Talking to people was suddenly fun again. Thanks Sunset.

     Last weekend a total of three visitors showed up, two who were friends (thanks for coming Joy and David, you made my day). Unfortunately the long hours between visitors plunged me into narcolepsy. Boredom expands time choking inertia like scum on a stagnant pond. I must have had expectations, clearly unreasonable ones for an art gallery needing patrons who did not reek of beer. I told my sister I quit, but I’ll give it another weekend with this many interesting people walking through.  The photos are my sister’s work.  It’s a great little gallery in a recently discovered town.  

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