Wednesday, January 12, 2011


     It’s coming down like mountain lions and wild dogs. The wind also kicked up, pitching patio furniture like, well, plastic chairs. Tropical rain is warm, unless you've lived here for awhile, then anything dipping below 70 degrees is chilly. I saw kids a few days ago in ski jackets so it must be freezing, for here anyway. The snow is deep on top of Mauna Kea. If it starts snowing on Molokai there will be cause for concern since Mauna Kea’s snow line is half way closer to heaven.
     A month ago Molokai looked like Arizona, but the rain has changed that.  Grass is taking over the landscape faster than mold on a shower curtain. It’s lovely, this lime green carpet growing deeper by the day. An army of mowers will fire up when the rain stops. If the color of Hawaii is green, the sound is the mowers that keep it at bay. I used to live at Hotel Molokai where the grounds were well kept. The gardener’s fired up weed whackers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers before the first tourists rolled out. Like the roosters and the whine of oversize tires on the highway buzzing yard tools eventually faded into the background. Karaoke night never did, I cranked music with headphones on to survive that. Rain thundering down no longer wakes me up, but it should have last night. It rained like saber toothed tigers and she wolves.     

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