Friday, October 12, 2012

Complimentary Spam

    My apologies for the long absence. Grief and exhaustion sapped my inspiration during the care and loss of my parents. Difficult times are fading from memory while fond remembrances of our shared lives continue to surface.

Although I haven't posted much lately, spammers keep in diligent touch by sharing links to my blog. Three clues give them away

Clue # 1  Creative use of language 

"How long have you ever been blogging for? Amazing the content how you do it.
The contents existing at your web page are truly remarkable for people knowledge."
"I'd state that we visitors are unequivocally blessed to dwell in a notable site with many lovely opinions. Thankfulness to my father who told me on the topic of this web site.

     Bless ESL spammers for giving easy clues to the transparent nature of the message. I am curious. Are obscure compliments an effective marketing tool? I suppose pay per click adds up.

Clue # 2  Links to weird, unrelated web sites

Every one of these goofy spam messages includes a link. 

“In truth you creative writing abilities has inspire my own web site at”   
Less muscle ripping and a touch more spellcheck might fool bloggers into posting spam comments.

Clue # 3  No return email address

Getting the link posted is the point. I'm sure they don't want my personal opinion. I changed the filters so it is necessary to follow my blog to be able to post comments.
     In a few weeks I’ll be heading to American Samoa to paint 30 paintings in 30 days at the Feliti Barstow Public Library in Pago Pago. More about this project soon. 
     My sister's backyard hums with life. I considered posting 1,000 squirrel pictures just for the spam, but I can make that up all by myself

        Much to like so many happy rodents. Please visit 


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  1. This is how it happens when a compliment is auto-translated from English to Urdu then back again:
    "You have a sister in the world's most beautiful photographs of the squirrels."
    My sentiments, but not exactly. How did a rat get in my wheel? Did you put it there?