Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One mighty fine art dealer

     I stopped by Suzy’s Locke’s last week to say good-bye since I’m leaving California for a while. Suzy is a fine art dealer and consultant who I’ve worked for and become friends with over the last twenty years. Time flies doesn’t it? Projects I’ve done with Suzy include a mural of cartoon fish for Yankee Pier in the United Terminal at SFO and paintings for Lark Creek Restaurant Group and Kaiser Hospitals. Suzy found me in ratty art studio complete with bullet holes in the sheet metal on the Oakland docks in 1990. She hung my first public art show at the Bank of America Plaza in downtown San Francisco. The most fun though was a small project we did for her husband’s birthday, in their guest bathroom. Marvin Cohen is a physicist, meaning he is able to discover universal phenomena and describe it in a language incomprehensible to most of us.   

     Suzy asked me to make stencils of his equations to paint on the walls of their bathroom. We sponged more paint on ourselves than the walls in an attempt to finish before the sun came up and had to double check that we didn’t put them on the wall backwards. Or I did, math is Greek to me. Marvin suggested that his publisher take a photo of him standing in the bathroom for the back cover of a book he was working on, but they declined. Thank you Suzy for some very good times, the commissions that have kept me going and the confidence you inspire.      Suzy Locke
     Marvin missed winning the Nobel Prize, but not by much. One of the rewards would have been a highly coveted parking space on the U.C. Berkeley campus where he works, his friends had a sign made for his driveway instead. 

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