Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog break

     This week I’ve barely been in the same place as my computer. Crew members have been changing and each is a new adjustment, a new personality to incorporate into the dynamic or say good-bye too. I’ll be leaving the boat in a week, back to the wacky hotel in downtown La Paz. Tomorrow we leave to sail to an island called Espiritu Santo, a marine preserve, where the fish are abundant. I'm the lame duck crew now, but have one last sail to enjoy. I’ve been given the job to shop for food for the trip with the new crew person from Australia.  Some markets involve asking for things behind the counter so I need to sign off and go over my vocabulary lists for food items. Here’s the best photo of week, too bad net throwing in the grocery store isn't an option, I could write more and study Spanish later.   

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