Saturday, March 5, 2011

Night and Day

Getting to and leaving San Diego was a big fat hit and run. There was barely time to get ready to leave, but that’s been a theme for a month now. I left my van at a friend’s and he made us dinner to go for the first night out on the boat, which made it very easy for me. (Thanks Rich!). And thanks for the sushi dinner. Deep fried shrimp heads are okay if you don’t look at the eyeballs too long. Next time I might ask what I'm ordering.   

     Sailing from San Diego to Ensenada in Mexico took about twelve hours, this time. This boat has up to date stuff, charts from this century, no major leaks and fun people. So far the only annoying thing (and I hope to get over it) is that I keep comparing this trip to the last time I sailed to Mexico. It isn’t fair, but unavoidable. Luckily my observations are all in favor of this trip. We arrived in Ensenada in daylight, with the boat intact. Way better than last time where we got pounded by Santa Ana winds and crazy high surf that filled the lockers with water when the deck leaked. Everything I own is not currently soaked with sea water. No one even raised their voice, well yet anyway. But the best part is that I have my own cabin. The diesel engine is under my bunk, so when we’re underway it’s like  sleeping on the hood of a car, but that’s not a complaint, it actually helps cure insomnia. And we’re in a marina near a hotel where we can use the showers so we don’t all smell like old laundry yet. The boat could be cleaner, but I’m out numbered. I’ve already heard “But we’re guys!” a few times so if they don’t notice I guess I won’t either.

      For people who have expressed concern about the problems in Mexico, there is no evidence of trouble in Ensenada, except for a lack of tourists. That does create hardships for businesses that depend on people driving here for the weekend, but Steve (the owner and captain) pointed out that it’s more fun to hang out in place that’s not overrun by gringos bent on tying one on. When we leave here in the morning internet access will be more sporadic, but I’ll keep writing and post when I can. We’re heading to La Paz, which is a few weeks away more or less with several stops in between if it seems like a good idea at the time.     


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