Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got gnats?

     Something creepy is happening. A plaque of gnats has bloomed on Molokai. Nobody can remember this phenomenon in recent history, this decent into gnat hell. They don’t bite, they don’t live long and they are tiny so a lone gnat would go unnoticed, but gnats in Biblical numbers will drive even mild mannered people to the brink of a hissy fit. Quite frankly I’m tired of slapping myself. They get in everything. I woke up with an awful buzzing in my head, because a gnat crawled in my ear. In five minutes twenty gnats will be floating in a cup of tea. They crawl through the screens and they pile up in drifts when they die. I’ve swept up enough gnats to start making paper. They flock to light, the computer screen is currently crawling with gnats and clouds of them circle every light fixture. It’s impossible to keep them at bay. It tickles when they crawl on you, but it’s seriously not funny. Last night I added extra pepper so I couldn’t tell how many were stuck to the food. Tonight I talked Paddy into going out, to a place with a door and air conditioning, simply to have a gnat free meal. How long this will go on nobody can say. Whatever eats gnats hasn’t had time to reproduce in sufficient numbers to get them under control. This week, gnats own Molokai. Next week there could be a few thousand extra geckos around.    

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